Own private emc server

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  1. is there a way to "download" emc and make my own server for testing?
    like the marlix/momentus and nether hounds for my private tekkit/bukkit server?
  2. Nope, the majority of the EMC code is secret and not available publicly
  3. Actually, quite alot of it is, including EMC bukkit source code, the EMC bosses, and the nether hounds - just to name a few ;)
  4. Well, to be clear, the bukkit source is 100% yes, but the custom mobs is only select portions I shared, and doesn't work w/o the rest of the code :p

    But yeah sorry it won't be possible. EMC is a highly integrated server, that has more effort put into it than most servers.

    You can't even start the Empire.jar plugin without a Database with proper schema and initial dataset and the EmpireCraft server (though that is public if you compile it yourself).

    But the EmpireCraft is only like 2% of the overall code.
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  5. I'm glad that you can't just download the custom code of EMC because this is what keeps EMC original and we don't want other servers or people to have what we have. It helps us be unique and keep the community happy.
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  6. I know theres a mod that lets you install the world itself, with all the residences and outposts in the wild
    But it wouldn't have any of the pulgins, it would be just like a vanilla world