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do you think they should launch more servers?

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yes 9 vote(s) 47.4%
no 10 vote(s) 52.6%
  1. I just got off of smp2 and now i cant get back on. there are too many people. The Empire needs to launch ALOT more servers! i have been trying to get on to claim my first plot of land and after 40 minutes i still have not succeeded. im getting sick of this. These servers seem great but i cant say that for sure until i have actually PLAYED ON THE SERVER!
  2. We dont need more severs, we need more lots.
  3. I am sure more lots will be cleared soon enough, the 10 day derelict policy was put on hold for a little while to accomidate the transition of new 1.1.0 update.
    As for more servers/additional slots, Justin has just increased the available slots per server from 45 to 60, and although it seems extremely busy at the moment, it should quieten down a little once the rush to 1.1.0 has subsided.
    I hope you can get on the servers soon shorty, and you can claim a lot on any smp server , not just the one you completed tutorial on. :)
    Once you are acquainted with EMC servers, you have the option of being a supporter (iron, gold or diamond) and which reserves a login slot for you permanently, and you can login first time any time you wish. :)
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  4. Support the Empire if u want more server :)
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  5. i shouldnt have to pay for a server that i cant even get onto. it isnt worth the money, and it never will be. sorry.
  6. If you pay at all, you're an iron supporter or above, which means you can get on regardless of whether or not there are 60 people logged into the server.
    There are many free lots available for claiming on less populated servers-- I know for a fact that there are some on smp3, and I bet there are some on smp4.
    Think of it this way. The servers have to have enough lots to keep the community there thriving. However, the servers can only handle so many people at a time--in this case, 60. So, you're going to have times where there are more lot-owning people who want to get on than can fit. The only solution for you here is to upgrade to iron, if you're truly that eager to get in. I remember having to wait during SMP 3's peak hours over winter break, when everyone was on-- it only took 5 mins, tops. Relax, or move to smp4 if you can't afford the iron supporter fee : )
  7. Depends how you look at it. For $5 a month to get access to a stable and well organised server, that's one less pint of beer for me once a month. You could do a lot worse elsewhere. It's worth the money I think.
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  8. SMP4 is every bit as packed as the other servers, if not more.
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  9. We will continue to grow and add more servers as fast and controlled as possible. This depends on a few things.

    First of all it depends on money, without money we can not grow. Supporters provide the money to keep the Empire running and expanding. If you want to continue to see the Empire improve and expand the absolute best way you can contribute is by becoming a supporter or upgrading your supporter level.

    Second of all it depends on the technology. Empire Minecraft runs a proprietary platform that is far more complex than many people realize. This allows us to provide things like the awesome Town system and all of the cross server integration. It is cutting edge and light years ahead of what anyone else in the Minecraft community is doing. I am currently the sole developer of this entire platform. It is still sort of in a beta state and I am perfecting a few pieces of it to allow us to grow beyond the current 5 servers we have. Currently all 5 game servers run on the same physical server but it is at its limit. That means the next game server will be the first where we need to span the platform across multiple physical servers. This is one of the many things I am working around the clock on.

    Third is moderation. We need to continue to improve and provide a moderated high quality place to play. From the last community survey by far the most popular request was more or better moderation of the servers. I am currently working on a suite of tools that is going to allow our staff to provide faster service. These tools are going to include more community self moderation, such as the ability to report players quickly in-game so we can weed out some of the habitual rule breakers. Opening 10 more servers over night would be pointless if the community falls into anarchy.

    All of this keeps into our mission statement of quality over quantity. If I had to guess I would say we are about 2 weeks away from opening smp5.

    Also the reason some of the servers don't have open res's is because we paused the derelict policy because of the 1.1 update. I will be putting the policy back into swing today.
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  10. The server seems to be a bit beyond it's limit. This coming from difficulties digging dirt, chopping trees, and running simple redstone systems. Some lag is understandable, but I think we're a bit beyond where a quality-over-quantity style leads. The recent state of half-full servers may have spoiled me a bit, but it also demonstrated what a large performance difference we're looking at here. My cobblegen went from being faster than an efficiency I diamond pick, to half as fast. That's a big, and frustrating, difference.
  11. Agreed 100% that the 1.1 release was a performance hit. They (Bukkit) tried to optimize the server so that it can "catch up" when it gets behind but I feel this has added more noticeable lag. This is also partially my fault for upgrading to 1.1 before the official Bukkit server was released. I made the call and perhaps we all suffer a little for it.
  12. So the Bukkit build is part of the cause. Perhaps, in the multiple-physical-server future, a good configuration would be 4 servers to a physical server, with one MC server slot somewhere going to the other systems (rupees, ect.)?

    I'd just like to add that this made me happy. Unfortunate that it's needed, but it really is.
  13. And to think soon we'll have a complete WILD server...

    Anyways, enough stress. You could become a supporter, they have 24/7 access to whatever servers they want. Well, Empire Servers ;D

    Or you could spam the Direct Connect option on your client.

    Or log in at a later time. For instance, I live in GMT -8. I log in at 7, BAM. Lots of spaces for me, half the world is asleep.

    And finally, you don't always have to log in to smp-2. You could go to another EMC server and look at all the builds or shops and prices or just chat it up with other people. If there was space on that server of course.
  14. help me please :( how you play waaaa
  15. smp6 is being launched tomorrow!
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  16. EMC is the best, thanks Justin.

    and 5 bucks isnt much a month, if you paid for gold or diamond, you get LOADS of benefits instead of going to something like GodWorld and paying 300 dollars for benefits that are plain stupid, like spawning items....
  17. Justin, Will SMP6 be on a brand new physical server or with the other 5? and is utopia also on the same server?
  18. Wooot? :eek:
  19. smp5 still has like 400 lots available unless you want to be on smp2 for a reason.
  20. honeslty, since many people are moving to the new servers, i had my friend claim a lot on smp1 XD

    :EDIT: my idea! im claiming a patent on it!