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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by hendeboss, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. I hendeboss has just been banned from the empire. The Reason was for 'hacking accounts'. If I could please explain my innocence to you all then you would understand I am not supposed to be banned.

    The First time I came onto the empire I asked: Are Alts allowed on this server? Instant reply was yes you are. So I invested $40 of my money into this website called *Redacted*

    I have been banned for hacking accounts? All I have done is pay for alts, and use them on the server. I don't see how that is hacking accounts?

    Please Can someone give me a detailed decription on why I am banned becuase I think this was unfair.
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  2. altgenerator? it doesn't seem like it's legit. you can purchase an alt account from mojang directly and that would work.
  3. Do you want me to share Screens With You on Skype? I am not lying. Well it said on the website that the alts were legal.
  4. I'm reading about it on their website. They said all of their accounts were obtained legally but they're shared accounts with other players. That just seems strange to me. Plus you're paying a minimum of 7.99 a week? Why not just pay Mojang for a legit account? It'd be cheaper.

    Seems to me this altgenerator would be what a troll would use so they could just go on a server, act up, get banned, and then just go get another account from this generator thing.
  5. Just because they say it's legal doesn't mean it's true. It's always your safest bet to purchase an alt account from majang itself, not anywhere else.
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  6. I said on a website I was filthy rich.

    But really place the ban appeal to the proper mod and see if you can get it reversed
  7. I paid $40 for the full package. You get unlimited accounts which I think is better even though I know where you are going with the whole 'safe' option
  8. Well I did not know that I would be accused of hacking for it. I thought it was just a cheaper option of getting alts. But I understand why you are saying that.
  9. General rule of thumb is that if it seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is.
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  10. hmm. I guess so. But I still don't know how they got to the conclusion that I was hacking accounts. They didn't even ask me about it.
  11. If you truly believe the ban was wrongfully placed, you can Dispute rather than Appeal it using that same link I posted above. :)
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  12. I did I am going to delete this post in 10 mins or so. I just want to finish of conversations.
  13. Thanks! Just did :)
  14. The only person that can tell you that is the person that banned you so you'll have to ask them.
  15. Phew... I feel so sick being banned from my favourite server. Not over - reacting.
  16. Best to start convo with Sr. staff & Cms. Like some members are saying that site your using seems like a scam and is there disclaimer that all the alts being used are purchased from mojang or just hacked accounts. Also there is a difference between someone having 2-3 alts then 15-20 alts and keep getting more out of thin air.
  17. Thanks For the help :) Hopefully I will get back on and talk to him.
  18. So basically you are saying you can have 3 alts but not really anything over that? The only reason I bought off this site is because it says all alts are legally bought.
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