[Outpost] Underground City v.3

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  1. NOTE: There has been 3 versions due to leader changes, problems, etc...
    With this version we aim to fix our problems from the last versions

    NOTE: I have permission from darthin to write this thread.

    Welcome to The Underground City thread.
    Here you shall live proper and united.
    There will be farms, mines, grinders, animal pens, housing, and MUCH more!
    Outpost is on SMP8
    Therefore if you have another outpost there, maybe we can become allies.
    Like the name of the thread says, this city will be underground.
    We need workers to help us accomplish this.

    Our government Rules and Terms:
    There will always be the same leader (darthin) unless he appoint a different leader.
    The Co-Leader is permanently Nickblockmaster unless he appoints a different co-leader
    They are heads of departments that deal with mining and such and such.
    If you are to request a job ask one of them. You can only request for a job from them once you are accepted and have at least done the job you applied for for 2 weeks or till one of the leaders decides if you are up for the task.
    These People are:
    Mining: Nickblockmaster/darthin

    Farming: Open

    Wood Gathering: Open

    Carpenters: Open

    Animal Herder: Open

    Redstone Expert: Open

    City Planner: Open
    To apply for "Leader" you must be active, friendly, and active
    After that message darthin to get a opportunity

    [Main Job]
    Under control of the builders and leaders, they are the basic building blocks of the city, without them we won't be a great city.

    [Main Job]
    Another building block of the city's growth. Higher up than most jobs, below city planner. Works closely with the leaders in new projects.

    [Secondary Job]
    They help maintain and build our farms, either working with animal herders, help building with builders, working with redstone experts for mob grinders, or making plant farms. Not a huge job, but still needed.

    Animal Herders:
    [Secondary Job]
    Protect, build, and maintain the farms with the farmers. They are more farming with animals, feeding, breeding, and setting up the pens.

    Resource Gatherers:
    [Main Job]
    This job is most important, because without it, we have nothing to build with. We need LOTS of these, and if you don't do your job, you get demoted to this because it is boring. We need lots of gatherers so don't be surprised if you are one on the side.

    Redstone Expert:
    [Secondary Job]
    Kinda explains itself in the title.. we need people are can do redstone contraptions very well or learn it very quickly. Not a needed job, but nice to have on hand. Not many people will be needed for it.

    City Planner:
    [Main Job]
    Works close with builders, miners and leaders to ensure the designs meet the desires of the players. Should know how to use paint programs of some sort.

    When applying, apply to 1 main job and 1 secondary job

    Apply for a Job:
    Have You Been Banned:
    If So Why:
    Alt (if you have one):
    List of workers:

    Animal Herder:
    Resource Gatherer:
    Redstone Expert:
    City Planner:
    If any questions contact darthin or Nickblockmaster

    NOTE: Only darthin and Nickblockmaster can approve apps.
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  3. Very tempting. PM applications?
  4. Just write apps on the post. (Here)
  5. MAIN JOB:
    IGN: jknrlz
    Job: Builder
    Why: Don't mind building and getting my creative side out
    Have You Been Banned: Nada
    If So Why: N/A
    Alt (if you have one): Have one - but like to keep a secret.

    IGN: jknrlz
    Job: Redstone Enginner (Not quite an expert - but close)
    Why: Love redstone. Although I'm not the best I learn fast.
    Have You Been Banned: Nada
    If So Why: N/A
    Alt (if you have one): Have one - but like to keep a secret.
  6. Approved :) Gratz! We will invite you to the convo soon.
  7. Note: I have had some confusion and thought I was the Co-Leader. I found out that Nickblockmaster is the leader. Sorry for the inconvenience(if you had any)
    Also Bump!
  8. so...err...where does that put me? :p