[Outpost]The New Settlement

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  1. The New Settlement is an outpost situated 48,000 blocks out of central spawn on SMP7. Before you say that it's to far out, I have made a nether route. Our plans include an Iron Farn, Mob Farm and plots. We are small, and are looking for members. Application form:

    What you can do to help:
    Have you been banned before:
    If so, why?:
    Why do you want to join?:

    Please PM me your application, do not post it on this thread.
    Redstoners, Builders, Farmers and Miners needed :)
    Current members:

    Once accepted, you will be PM'ed directions
  2. Bump! Anyone wanting to join? Not even for a visit?
  3. I suppose I can swing by and help out while I wait for 1.7 :D
  4. Bump! Needing more members! We are situated in a taiga biome, which is next to a desert and plains:)