Outpost Terra!

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  1. Terra is a developing outpost on smp8 on a glitched out island. I say glitched out: the island is surrounded by vertical cliffs :D
    We are located in a plains biome with many other biomes around. We keep a theme of spruce logs, nether brick and birch planks and aim to keep the natural surroundings as close to as they were before Terra was formed.
    At Terra we value creativity, happiness and kindness towards each other. These are the base components on a good community which we hope to provide for you.
    If you wish to join, please comment on this thread following this example:

    Name: toto_style123
    Main server: smp8
    Most Important value: happiness
    Reason to join: To start a happy community and provide a place for creativity
    Have you ever been banned: no

    Once you have filled it in in that format, I will either accept or decline your request.
    Information on the location shall be provided after you have joined.
    Have a nice day!
  2. [UPDATE] Now added a small cow farm
  3. Seeking out new members!
  4. How far out is it?
  5. Need to be carefull not to confuse Terra on smp9 from me with Terra on smp8 that i dont own ;)
    And 9 or 8 looks so close to each other too. :eek:
  6. I can't tell you that. Secrets, my friend. I can only tell it to members, the co ordinates.
  7. Still only me! Work on a nether rail shall commence soon...
  8. Name: geewhizz222
    Main server: smp8
    Most Important value: kindness
    Reason to join: To help people
    Have you ever been banned: no
  9. Congrats to geewhizz22 for joining terra!
  10. Bump! Work on a Nether Rail starts soon!