[OutPost]-Smp9-Server spawn, Freeway

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  1. Hello, As you can see in the tittle There is a server Outpost at spawn protection... lolz it may go away after each re-spawn but still, come down and create a house.

    here are so photos 2013-02-12_17.44.11.png 2013-02-12_17.44.16.png 2013-02-12_17.44.23.png 2013-02-12_17.44.25.png 2013-02-12_17.44.44.png
  2. It's going to get griefed... Build farther out if you don't want griefed.
  3. Bad idea.
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  4. This sounds cool, i will be coming out shortly. =)
  5. Yeah, a few other people tried to do that in the same spot (hence the sign) and I think it's safe to say they gave up on on it with the griefings
  6. Anyone who trys to grief can get banned... that sign was in server spawn protection
  7. The sign was put up because of the original houses.
    While you certainly can build there, we are just saying it is a bad idea.
    And remember, just because you can do something does not mean you should.
  8. Look i have faith in the community... you most not.
  9. Putting 'Don't grief' makes you a prime target for griefers already
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  10. I am now disappointed that I bothered to write out a reply to you.
    I have more faith in this community than you will ever know.
    What I don't have faith in are those who choose to grief.
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  11. Don't forget the... You will be banned... Only people who just joined who still have not been on the server adn dont care about it would want to be banned i bet.
  12. look... lemme say this to all griefers... COME AT ME BRO!
  13. I've seen people who have been on this server over five months and grief. Being new doesn't change it.
    We have more faith that the community will help. We don't have faith in griefers like rainbow said.
  14. I can see that. But that doesn't mean anything.
  15. Wow! Would you look at that amazing scenery! Its gorgeous, brings tears to my eyes :')
  16. The threat of being banned will be nothing to stop a griefer.
    If they want to grief, they will.
  17. lolz look at all the creeper holez :D :{ SSSSSS.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
  18. Do you think they will greif it in front of me??? because im gonna be afk there for awhile :3
  19. Sorry... The speller in me. You out aboud, when it is supposed to be abode. Sorry, it irritates me.