[Outpost] SMP9 Paradise Islands

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  1. Welcome to Paradise Islands. ( where bad mosters just don't shows up :D )

    Land : 2 mushroom biome islands, straight east from East spawn. Also ocean area between them.
    Owner : 99marvell
    Chests : placed at both islands.

    Beacuse only second (more far) island meet outpost conditions (min 5000 blocks distance from east spawn) , if there is no other way , it will be choosen as outpost center. But we would like to ask for considering first island as center of our outpost (still pretty far : 3500 blocks away from east spawn).

    Paradise Island Club is group of trustworthy friends that sometimes need space to build theirs projects.
    Current members count : 10.
    Members private forum : http://emcpic.boards.net/

    We already have means of fast travel between Town and islands, and many more features build there, wich are known only to club members.

    First island screenshoots :

    Panorama 1

    Panorama 2 (Bridge)

    Panorama 3 (Farms)

    Panorama 4

    Bridge upclose

    Main Hall

  2. As i have resigned I am now Founder Of Paradise Islands and the New Owner Is 99marvel
  3. Owner change updated.