Outpost: [SMP9] Demeter (Established)

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by VoxelRay, May 26, 2014.

  1. Found after days searching a place for outpost.
    There are no other chests from me around, only 1 locked chest present.

    Outpost name: Terra
  2. I dont go say the location, anyway not before its established. but dont worry. its far enough from demeter or towns.
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  3. Meanwhile i have add a few things more around that area. 1 bed and some chests extra.
  4. Added a few more things, still waiting for established.
  5. Frontier Outpost confirmed and Established. Would we like to close this thread, or leave it open? :)
  6. Thank you, Leave it open, so i can use it. when needed.
  7. The first basic rules for Terra. More follow in time.

    • No mining in nature, use farms or wasteland for it.
    • Only build on the assigned residence / plot

    For now no new residents.
  8. Terra is going to be renamed to Demeter. And my city is getting the name Terra.
  9. Some building is started in Demeter.
    Next project is to improve soem raillines around demeter in the netehr anmd improve the station.
  10. Demeter nether station.
    Possible finetune a few things later. i wanted to add a mabye few more color differences.