Outpost Recruitment Idea

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by SteamboatWillie, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. So here's my idea: All the outposts will post their name, smp, theme, ideals, screenshots, etc on this thread and I will make a big list of all the outposts along with their info so emc members looking for an outpost can find one that suites their tastes.
  2. Fund it. +1
  3. SteamBoatWillie a.k.a. SpiritofAustrailiaWillie when it comes to ideas.

    The Empire can hardly cure on a prior idea before he comes up with another one :)

    This is a good idea, but I would prefer if there were some Empire sponsored / backed listing page in which you could select from various outpost traits and / or offerings in which to set up something like this. Sort of like a Rolodex of Outposts it could be in a spreadsheet form to list different areas of interest and offer a quick reference to what outposts offer what features. The addition of Official Forum Thread link, and possible website link would also be a nice addition for those seeking more information on a given outpost.

    As far as sharing screenshots and ideals here is not something I am eager to do, as I feel those should be reflected in my own outpost thread. Maybe when "Empires" comes out they will have an Official Empire section added to the website that could offer the option to list such details and maybe even have a dedicated page for outposts. This could even be another avenue of support for the Empire. I personally already have several websites I pay a yearly fee for, but if I could get a dedicated www.empireminecraft.com/empire/tempered link that would be neat, and I would be willing to pay some monthly fee to help facilitate the possibility of such.

    Keep brainstorming Willie, you have a lot of great ideas, and I am sure the Empire will be enriched as a result of them.
  4. I agree with KnightZerOne, you have some great ideas! Also that an official page would be the best way to go. At the moment, for example, our outpost is not recruiting - but maybe if there were some official page where we could list out our rules for membership and our new-recruit expectations, we could have like a green or red light on it for 'recruiting', and 'not recruiting' and then be able to open up when we are ready for someone new. A new forum could also work for this, if we had the possibility of hiding or unhiding, or opening and closing a thread for new applicants to apply on. Keep them coming, love your energy!
  5. I love this idea go for it!