Outpost on SMP6 Hopeshire Stronghold

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  1. Location on SMP 6 over 10,000 blocks from any protected land and over 5000 from any other settlement i can find.

    There is a locked chest by Tablets to claim the land.
    Hoping to establish a outpost with some friends.
    I went out with only some food,wool, and wood, nothing else.
    a minecraft version of survivor man :)

    Message me if there is a problem...

    Oh and happy new year :)
  2. well I guess I now know what momentus is...the ground shakes ...I actually jumped
  3. Another one? and now inside my compound...sheesh, just you wait until i have good weapons and armor. 2014-01-02_17.57.05.png
    He is actually walking along my wall (screen shot from my southern lookout tower.
  4. You seem to have a Momentus Problem XD
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  5. I do, and the last one even got stuck inside my cow pen. So I single handedly felled him with my trusty bucket of lava. Lost a few cows but at least the meat were steaks....
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  6. Nice out post And Momentus are my Favorite Mob In EMC :p