Outpost of Summopere Thread/Establishment Request

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  1. Welcome!
    This is the official thread for the Outpost of Summopere!

    What is "Summopere"?
    Summopere, in Latin, stand for "above all else" or "exceedingly great". This outpost will take place on smp8 and will be a walled/gated community. S

    Who is in/will be in Summopere?

    As of now, we have around 5 people who are Members of Summopere. Our selection progress will be tough however, as we need to know who we can trust. This is only to prevent griefers and thieves from breaking into Summopere.

    Why is Summopere here?

    The goal of Summopere is to help all those who participate in the outpost, and to benefit the server of smp8 as a whole. Once more infrastructure is built, we will be able to divide the labor of citizens up, to make the city flow as one unit.

    Where is Summopere?

    Currently, I'm not publicly revealing the coordinates to prevent grief and theft from happening, but if you are interested in joining and are selected by my team, i will tell you everything you need to know.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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  2. I like this idea :D
  3. Hey, I'm new and looking for some serious allies. Mind if I join up?
  4. Bump lets get some people out there.
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