Outpost of Calpol [Established]

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  1. The Outpost of Calpol.

    Based on server SMP2, The Outpost of Calpol is an area on the edge of a desert biome and has a bridge connecting us to a small area we also build on in a plains biome. We have a stables, farms, a dock, a few buildings, and we plan on making more structures for the benefit of the members at Calpol. Current members:
    • FDNY21 (At the base, uses account Marlixias)
    • BTHarrold98
    • captaincraft300
    We are NOT currently taking on any more members.
    1. The Outpost is way over 5,000 blocks out.
    2. We do not see any other Outposts in the vicinity.
    3. There are locked chests at the Outpost, some assigned to Marlixias/FDNY21, some assigned to BTHarrold98 and some assigned to captaincraft300.
    4. FDNY21/Marlixias, BTHarrold98 and captaincraft300 all have equal responsibility at the base.
    I am not revealing co-ordinates, but if staff need them to establish, then they may PM captaincraft300, BTHarrold98 and I for them.

    Please leave this thread open after establishing. May or may not use it to discuss things at the base. :)
  2. You would be surprised, the Outpost's name I actually based off of that :rolleyes:
  3. Haha Gotta Love calpol :D
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  4. This is why I love EMC, stuff like that
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  5. I want a non-medicine version of it, so I can just drink it without getting ill and damaging my liver ._.
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  6. haha okie dokie sure that can be done :D
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  7. That... Is one of the best ideas ever had :rolleyes:
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  8. Bump for establishing :)
  9. Lol, i'll look into this for you. :)
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  10. can i join yous gaiz baze?
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  11. Not taking on new members right now, sorry bite :p Not sure what will happen in the future though :eek:
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  12. I am sure Scruffy has not forgotten to check it out, but here is a bump for establishing any who :)
  13. Location confirmed, a record has been made of your claim to that piece of land. Congratulations!

    Would you like the thread locked or left open?
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  14. Leave it open please, thank you! :)
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