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  1. I need help with a name for an outpost I made on smp5 any names would be a great help :D
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  2. Still need names
  3. well lets start. please fill this out below.
    (sorry if I sound bossy but I'm trying to help).

    1) what's the outpost theme?
    2) goals of outpost.
    3) owners/operators names
    4) location (like in a valley, plains, mountain top).
    5) any special locations that is a centerpiece.
    please fill this and I will come up with a list of names and other like things.

    NOTE: first comment. been on for two months now.
  4. 1) City
    2) To provide I nice place for people to live out in the wilderness
    3) AshBlue789
    4) Plains/Mountain top
    5) no
  5. first part (like name) last part (location, 2'nd part of name)

    first suggestions.

    -ashblue- (next part) (that's first part, next are multiple 2'nd parts you can add) city, town, valley, mountaintop city, peak, refuge, community, outpost, frontier, state, and central.


    Ashville, blue skies community, ashy peak, ashton, Ashville community outpost, Ashville city, the peak, the ashblue empire, the city of Erith (or other title), blue skies community, snowy peak, town of friends, ashblue central, Ashville friendly community of friends., civilized central, and fort Ashley.

    please forgive me if these don't sound good, but I tried my best to name suggestions. I hope you like at least one!

    and if all else fails...

    ask friends for suggestions!

    Good day to you and your community!
    ~phowell98 of smp1, plot 1225.

    could if you asked...
    give a care package?


    See you!!!
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  6. +1
  7. The Blue Ash City?
    The Great Blue City?
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  8. Hmm... I've always liked names that come from other languages. They simply sound mysterious and, well, name-like. :p Here are some like that and some other random ones.
    • Azul
    • Azul Heights
    • City of the Blue Sky
    • Sooty Plains
    • Azulia (Or Azulia Heights/Plains :p)
    • Blue Crags
    • Asharia
    • The Peak
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  9. :cool:Blue Lava Heights:eek:

    EDIT: or :cool:Blue Lava Fumes;)
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  10. when you chose a name will you let us know (this post)?


    a few more names. (a few names of real places, I pasted. no need to click on links, please don't.).

    -the mountain city of Azul (inspired from hashhog), ashy hills, town of blue heights, town of Ashland, Ashland peak, Belhaven, Beaufort, Brevard, Alamance, Alliance, Archdale, and ashy plains.

    note, what is a nice outpost someone can show me? I have been thinking of moving to the wild of a while. and I have both the capital and resources to do so. or I might wait until 1.8 update on server.

    enjoy picking your town/city name!
  11. Using some foreign languages:
    • Blue Mountains
    • Modr√©
    • Modr√© city / mountain / etc
    • Pelni Village
    • Sinine Plains / Heights / etc.