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  1. Hello everyone. :)

    I've recently been looking around the Wilderness Frontier section of the forums a lot and I've seen lots of amazing ideas flying around. To jump straight to the catch, I want to start an outpost. Now, I haven't started building anything and I need ideas about a sort of governing system for the outpost. What do you guys think work best as a system of governing the outpost? (e.g: Would you prefer a community where every single player has a say in everything or one that is completely run by 1 trustable person?) Just post down below and then I'll see which is favored by the community. :)

  2. I think a dictatorship will be easier to run. However, that word has a negative connotation, so I'd change it around a bit.
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  3. Autocracy?
    Stalinist Socialist Worker's State?
    Fuhrer's Reich?

    In all seriousness, use Direct Democracy. Representative Democracy is hard to pull off. From what I know, every single RD outpost has failed.
  4. Personally I'd recommend against establishing an outpost unless you really, really want to put a lot of work into it. building an outpost is no small job. There are also dozens of outposts that would be glad to have you. Just my two cents. Take it as you will.
    If you are going to build a new outpost I personally believe that a dictatorship is the way to go. It simplifies governing, rather than moving at snails pace through vote after vote, If you see a change that needs to be made, you can make it. The drawback to a dictatorship is that people don't like the concept of a dictatorship. If you were to decide on a dictatorship you must remember to keep your eyes, ears and most importantly mind open. A dictatorship attempts the impossible, having one person be right all of the time. Listening to others is vital.
    My second choice would be, as kitten said, a direct democracy. This lets everyone have a say. A direct democracy moves slower, and dependent on the people in your outpost can be volatile and unstable. But if you keep around a good, active and cooperative populous this can be highly successful.
    Ultimately it comes down to what you want. Are you looking for a big free outpost? Or are you looking for a small close outpost? Are you looking to have everything your way? Or are you open to an outpost that doesn't completely embody what you originally envisioned.
  5. It depends on what your outpost is going to be. Are you wanting to make an outpost or a political simulation. Both have their audiences and both can do well, you just need to know that they are separate and that trying to do both might not work very well. An outpost would be a place for everyone to come in, mine, and build whatever they want with some basic rules. A political simulation is when you set up some sort of hierarchy and try to give certain people certain jobs. If doing a standard outpost, the answer is none with slight dictatorship. You don't want politics to get in the way of Minecraft fun so setting up some basic guidelines (don't steal, don't build too close to one another, etc.) is the only government you need. If you are doing a political simulation, choose anything you want as long as it is implemented well.
  6. Political simulations are things which I love to mess about with, but can go terribly wrong, but can go terrifyingly right if perfected.
    Take the LLO for example. A simple anarchic outpost. Not meant to be a political simulation, but ended up being practically one anyway with all that what-not of districts.

    Direct Democracy works better than a dictatorship in my opinion. It means EVERYONE has a choice, and people will be more inclined to join if it doesn't use the word "dictatorship", because well, I found that out the hard way with the Snowv Socialist Republic.

    Use the word "dictatorship" only when you are surrounded by people with knowledge of politics if you want to have an attractive outpost. Use the words "benevolent state" when surrounded by most people.