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  1. Hi

    ok, Im opening a new outpost called "Fretersville".

    Here is how you apply, not everyone is accepted.

    2.How long have you played EMC
    3.Have you been kicked/banned
    4.What do you like to do most on MineCraft
    5.Do you follow rules/can I trust you.
    6.Which rule do you respect the most [not #5]
    2. Respectful language
    3.Must help comunity
    4.Must work to have a home for about 2 months
    5. Have fun!

    anyways, apply

    Members: KaylieBacon1, mccu0, Zion_Moyer,brandtitus.
  2. Before I apply for this outpost, may I as what smp this will be on?
  3. Smp9, I chose this server because there isn't one residence owned to Empire Minecraft for events, etc. And there will be a very ez way to get out of the outpost once I chose it destination w/ nether teleport and minecart track.
  4. KaylieBacon1, Or Kaylie I've been playing for 234 days :) I have been kicked around 6 times, Allthough i've never been banned I mostly like building and helpig people. I can follow rules, It's staff i have issues with. #1 and 2 are the best rules, its a good way to keep your town okay. :)
  5. Ok, tell me why you've been banned and you might be a member of Fretersville
  6. Welcome to Fretersville, @KaylieBacon1, meet me on smp9 to help me figure out a spot.
  7. Pls join D:
  8. i am branditus i have been playing on emc for 44 days i have never been banned or kicked i like selling stuff on em and buying i can be trusted and i follow rules i respect the rule no griefing
  9. I've always wanted to be part in one of these so might as well.

    I am Zion_Moyer or Zion. I have been playing for 229 days. I have never been kicked or banned, unless you count block jumping as getting kicked..... idk. The most thing I love about minecraft is you get to create anything your mind can desire! I always follow rules unless the rules are innapropriate. And finally I respect rules 1,2, and 3.
  10. welcome to Fretersville, @brandtitus, I just need a lot of rails right now :p
  11. thnks so i am in
  12. Welcome to Fretersvilee, @zion_moyer, if you can donate a ton of rails, Im getting some as well
  13. 1. mccu0
    2. 18 days and 3 hours
    3. No
    4. build anything
    5. yes you can trust me
    6. #2 rule
  14. Yes, just donate like a stack of rails, mainly normal and 1 stack of powered
  15. Welcome to Fretersville, @mccu0, just donate some rails
  16. I'll start working on getting rails!
  17. ok thx
  18. CHANGE OF PLANS: We need DC's of cobble, signs, grass, and farming material!
  19. 1. Guess. Chief_McCloud.
    2. Around 200 days :p
    3. Nope!
    4. Play on EMC
    5. Depends on my mood. Just kidding you can. :p
  20. Welcome to Fretersville, @Chief_McCloud!