[Outpost] Echo Base [ESTABLISHED]

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  1. Outpost name: Echo Base, smp7 Wild. Lockchest set up by killeddallos. Future lock chests to be set up by: dresden72 and 96talon. All 3 of us are equal owners, builders and craftmen.

    There is a build 2200 plus blocks away but it does not work and looks abandoned. There is a sign that has names, but those names are not full. We investigated their portal and found locked chests on the other end. That player has been derelict for 280 plus days. Since they are not active we will not be able to get their approval.

    Please let us know as soon as possible. I would hate to waste a lot of time building there if we have to move.

    Still wondering what " Land must not be within 3,000 blocks of any other groups visually established base. (Unless the other leader gives you approval, and it must be wrote on your thread) " means, does that mean an offical established base or any old mud hut out in the wild? It doesn't seem fair that the protection area is applied to someone who did not follow the rules and did not do as this thread suggests by "establishing" their build. (I am not suggesting that these guys did not do that, I meant in general on "any old mud hut in the wild".)
  2. Established base means something that was built that someone intends to go back to rather than a dirt hut they stayed in for the night. Usually a Locked Chest is there and more.
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  3. No locked chest that we could find. We were hoping for one, that would have made looking for the owners easier.
  4. It's not something that I would consider permanent then, but that's ultimately a Staff decision. From your description I would not expect it to be a problem. Good luck.
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  5. Bump... Please confirm our location, every day that goes by means more time wasted if we can't establish here.

    Along with this post here is a question: will base protection cover the trails to get to the base, like nether rails and stuff?
  6. bump

    Still waiting for staff confirmation and answers to my questions please.
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  8. Well, I just went through doing this not very long ago.
    I ensured I was out past the 5k from spawn marks, however the 3k from other 'established' bases is a more difficult one to know as some places are hidden.

    Easiest is to just pick a spot you really like, to build yourself a little building with the locked chests, then start your thread (as you have), and I also had to make a private conversation with all senior staff and let them know the location of the locked chest. (yes Pab10s is correct in that ShawnWhite1982 was the staff who reviewed my base and location)

    From there, be patient. Really patient. Took a few weeks for mine to be 'established', but then again I was in no rush. I spent the time cleaning up the area, and building a little around the base, with it in mind that I did not want to do much until the tombs come out to be a lot more protected!

    Hope this helps you man! Lol and tell 96talon that DSMs rule!
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  9. I can look into it further if you want me too? However I can tell you now, if there is a substantial build within 3k of you, which you said there is, then this claim will not be granted. I recommend you find another location.

    I agree, a build from someone who's been gone over 280 days is most likely going to stay abandoned, however, there is also the chance they will return.

    There is a lot of wilderness out there, most of it completely unexplored. Though the travel will take a while, it's worth finding an area as yet unexplored. :)
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  10. The wild established base claim is more a claim to have 'first dibs' on claiming your location as an 'Empire' when that system is released. Meaning, that once anyone is able to create an 'Empire', you know with 100% certainty that you can claim it, and no one else can. (So you can build knowing that you will be able to protect it later).

    As part of the Empires system, you will most likely be able to teleport to and from your Empire to town. Meaning a transport system will not be required. Though you are free to build one if you wish.
    It has not been confirmed that your Empire protection will include any 'path' to or from an outpost. However, I'm fairly certain the protection will not include that. :)

    Of course, any build you create falls under the 'no griefing' rule. Meaning, you can build it and people cannot destroy or alter it, or they will face a permaban.
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  11. Well it is too late now, we have 2 solid plus weeks building our new place, every day.

    There is not a locked chest in that place and it is built of dirt. Hence the mud hut reference. If these guys didn't follow the rules to establish a base why should the rules protect them? The rules are in place for a reason, to be followed. So far we have followed the rules, we asked if that mud hut was established and got no answer. Nothing in it suggests it is permanent. We have 3 locked chests and many more to come, a permanent rail system in place and much more is planned. Besides we are over 2200 blocks away from.

    The term "established base" needs clarification. Either it is an EMC established base or it means anything that anyone has ever built. To be "established" it should be an EMC recognized established base.
  12. OK, first of all. As you have already started building, and are very set on staying there. I will look into this and give you an official answer to the claim. Give me a few days/week.


    1. There is no rules against building anywhere in the 'Frontier' (I keep calling it the wild, but it's called the Wilderness Frontier, Frontier for short). As long as you are not griefing others builds, and are sufficiently far enough away from someone else to not cause conflicts, go ahead and build.

    2. The Established Wilderness Base claiming system was only introduced a short while ago, in anticipation of the upcoming Empires system. Many builds were done before that. And many more people are building things now with no intention of claiming them.

    The 2 uses of the word 'established' is possibly confusing people. (I will see about getting the wording changed to be more clear).
    • Being 3k away from any 'visually established base', refers to any structure visually identified in game or on livemap.
    • It does not have to be an 'Established Wilderness Base', which refers to a claim that is confirmed by staff here on the Wilderness Frontier Forums.

    3. You are welcome to build your base there, and not having it established does not mean you cannot protect it in the near future with the Empires protection system. Not having it confirmed as an Established Wilderness Base simply means it's not 100% guaranteed that you will be able to protect it later. Should someone else, who has been in the area longer than you, return and wish to protect the area, they will get first dibs on protecting it.

    I understand it seems unfair to have spent much work on an area, and not be able to protect it. Believe me, I have 2 such area's myself. BUT I cannot stress enough! Find an area that is completely unexplored and start your base there. Don't worry about going 100k blocks away, the travel distance will not matter once Empires protection is out.
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  13. That is all we ask, after being hit hard on smp6 we want to be within the rules as much as possible. If those guys return then we will contact them and work things out. Thanks for clearing things up Scruffy. Sorry if I was a little aggressive, we are a little gun shy and want to do it right this time. BTW, where we are was unexplored area, we didn't see the "mud hut" until after we were building.
  14. I had a quick look around, and found 3 player bases, 2 from the same players, within 3k of your base. And there may be more if I continue looking.

    We cannot grant you this claim, unless we hear back from all the players who have built there. And as you said, some of them have not been on in over 260 days. It's unlikely we'll hear from them any time soon. Even gone this long, they have first option on claiming that area.

    Looking at the livemap would have shown you had explored area within 3k of your position. Meaning there was a good chance someone had built nearby. 2 bases are visible on the livemap within 3k of you. Other's are semi-hidden. Also, the 3 builds I found were a lot more than 'mud huts'.

    If you decide to find another location to get the base 'established' to guarantee you the ability to protect it later. PM me. I will help you confirm the area.
  15. So it seems NZScruffy is not coming back any time soon, he sent me a message, back in Apr, saying he had the wrong coordinates when he was scouting this area. I would like to try and get this base Established as well as my new base Arctis Tor.
  16. Bump, still looking to get this established.
  17. Thanks BigDavie!! Established 11-04-2014.