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  1. I have set down a Locked Chest at the location on SMP 9 where I hope to establish an Outpost named Ponderosa for the group of players called the Quantum Consortium.
    Since the coordinates of the locked chest are not required I have not included them.
  2. Congratulations :) You are established! Would you like this thread kept open or locked?
    Not sure why either way, Locked or Unlocked?
    I ask other staff and there seems to be doubt or conflict about what amount of land and outpost has control over.
    I thought an area of 3000 from the center of the outpost to the border of North, South, East and West made sense but I was not sure what the official declaration was. Could you clarify this for me?

    Also, when and how is our Outpost get a Private Forum and how do I access it? ID/Password?
  4. The claimant has build rights/control over 1500 blocks (not 3000) in each direction. Bases must be 3000 blocks from each other, giving each base a 1500 block buffer to expand into. I'll add this to the establishment rules to make it clearer
    Check out this post https://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-outpost-communication-forum-sign-up.76163/. Gaining access is a manual process that involves PM'ing Krysyy :)
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  5. I was communicating with Krysyy about all this.
    Also, a MOD told me an Outpost had control over 5000 X 5000 so I wanted to make sure what it actually was.