Outpost 1940 on SMP5

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  1. If possible, I'd like my current base in Frontier to be established as an outpost. Locked chest in building with my name and 'Justin_72' (co-owner) on it.

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  2. May I come to your base, even if it is not an outpost yet? I like the area between desert and green land very much.

    If you accept me, what do you expect me to bring / equipment needed / skills?
  3. Hi Marvin,

    yes, you may join us. I'll pm you how to get there. We have an overworld railway from frontier south all the way to the base (takes 2 days and a night to ride, beautiful landscapes) and a nether railway (thanks to NZScruffy for positioning the portal to the base); it is much shorter, of course, but boring.

    We don't need special stuff yet. Be prepared to fight enraged Monsters; we already had 2 momentus at the base and one in the nearby village. Currently, 2 more momentus are roaming a bit west of the base, and you could help to fight them.

    mom2.jpg mom1.jpg

    Bring along an adventurous mind and a love for making things nice :).

    PS. The location must not be revealed to anybody without Justin's or my consent.
  4. What Texture Pack is that? It's really nice.
  5. Resourcepack is R3D.Craft 128bit (to stay as close to the original Minecraft look and feel as possible) and the shader is SEUS 1.01 Preview 2.
  6. I confirm that Grauhaar72 is Establishment owner.
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  7. I confirm too that Grauhaar72 is Establishment ower
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