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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AzRicer, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. My way-points are all messed up sense the update to emc.gs and using that new server thing.

    I noticed with a test way-point that it made a **play.emc.gs.[25567].DIM0** points file, So i changed my smp9 server points file **smp9.empire.us.DIM0** To the above file name... However, now those way-points show on all smp's...

    Anyone have a fix? Kinda annoying now for way-points...
  2. ok, so part of the problem was that all servers pointed to play.emc.gs

    now, I've changed them to all be playsmpX.emc.gs - so to have waypoints on SMP1, rename your waypoints file to be playsmp1.emc.gs.DIM0
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  3. Also, rei's may not be the smoothest anymore with this setup. I am looking to disable Zan's Minimap radar then recommend everyone switch to Zan's.

    Zan's handles this server switch setup perfectly and keeps all waypoints for each world and server seperate.
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  4. Is zan's allowed now, or not because of the radar?
  5. Right now it is not. until the radar aspect is disabled.
  6. So I now have to go through and reenter all the servers in minecraft as playsmpX.emc.gs and rename all the wave point file for all server's? :mad:
  7. You shouldn't need the play part on that... Unsure on what it will take on the Rei's minimap coordinates. I was still running 1.6.2 >. >
  8. This may be a dumb question, but why exactly is the radar not allowed on emc? I can see it being seen as cheating on pvp servers, but on emc it would just let us know when there's a creeper around the corner. :p

    I'm just generally curious... not pushing to try and get it allowed or anything.. :)
  9. Yes please change to Zans. It's a better mod, and the future improvements will make it even better. :p
  10. Thank you aikar
  11. When Zans minimap is allowed, Will the nether map be allowed? In the nether, Rei's minimap only shows the bedrock. :mad:
  12. I don't like this new update with no radar...I'm too wimpy to go into wilderness or Frontier now I can't see hostile Mobs :'(
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  13. Please note that this thread was from OVER A YEAR AGO! It's rude to bump this thread. Please post it to your wall, start a PM, or create a new thread.
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  14. PenguinDj... Too late now.
  15. Rei has essentially given up on his minimap, and he hasn't been doing as well with coding it and making everything 'perfect', so if there's a problem, it might be Rei and not EMC.
  16. Rei's minimap in my eyes is discontinued. Also, I have not yet checked if the radar actually still works. Some say it does.
  17. Someone posted a screenshot a few days ago, and he (not saying his name) had Zan Minimap with the entity radar enabled, and I told him he should get rid of it because entity radars aren't allowed. After telling him that, other people came and told me that entity radars were fine to have on EMC. Is that true?
  18. This is a very old thread, and should not be used as a reference for anything except as history.
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