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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Today we updated the old derelict residence rule and made it the Derelict Policy. The most important change is that residences will be reset and reclaimed if you do not sign-in to a server for 10 days.

    The reason we chose 10 days was because I did a little research and found that the chances of a player coming back after being gone 10 days is less than 1% (all based on statistics we have been gathering). Of course you can still contact us if you are going to be away for longer and we will hold off :)

    Please click here for the entire policy before asking questions.
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  2. to be honest and give my two-cents but i dont excatlly like this idea, my internet is based off a internet box my familly has from our phone company and we can only use it so often so im not able to get on sometimes for a mnth....:(
  3. From the policy in the guide:
  4. This is not the best idea if you ask me becuase I usualy only play on the server once a week if I get to and a few of my friends are likethat to could you maybe extend the time to 20 days?
  5. i will try to log in now asap, but do i just have to pop in or does an admin have to know of my presence?

    Edit: i think you should extend it to 15 days or 20 days too.
  6. a week is only 7 days
    once a week is plenty of time to keep your place going
  7. You don't have to worry about it as a supporter :) But no you don't have to make an Admin aware of it, everything is handled automatically :)
  8. Yea but sometimes I just dont have the time to get on, but its ok ill just tell you if I cant be on for awhile.
  9. honestly i think 10 days is plenty if you aren't logging in more then once every 10 days do you deserve a lot over a more active player?
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  10. 10 days made the most sense with the current behavior of Empire users. The biggest problem we have is that hundreds of people come and play on EMC for one or two days and then never come back. Residences are a precious resource (we have just over 3,000 of them total with over 10,000 players who have connected in the last 2 months).

    As I am working on the updates for self service residence resets and "move outs" I will be implementing an email reminder two days before you go derelict (if you are a member on the site).
  11. I log in everyday. :)
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  12. ok good i was a little worried there with the end of semester test rush and the homework and skyrim (god i love that game) and every other thing!
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  13. I have a friend that will come online tomorrow, after being offline for 3 weeks.
    When is this getting implemented in te server?
  14. Jeremy is still resetting 31+ days derelict residences. He probably wont start on the 10+ for a couple days :)
  15. I love this Idea completely. I was actually going to ask about this situation. I see so many blank areas that haven't event been started on, yet claimed and have been their since I started a month ago. I think this is an excellent idea. The staff has also thought of everything. It gives you 10 days, reminder, you can even talk to them if you are leaving for longer than that. I think this will help a lot with the wasted lots. Great thinking Justin, Jeremy and the staff.
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  16. This is a great idea really. Keep the Empire fresh and active. It also allows new players to be constantly welcomed into the community. I have a really iffy connection here in Peru and I don't think 10 days is asking too much of players at all.
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  17. So that means all the completely empty res's of people who got on 1 arebeing reste :D
  18. I do not oppose to this limit of 10 days at all. It is quite fair.
    This Derelict Policy is to help clear the clutter from the Empire and is based on statistics from the entire lifetime of the server in its public opening.
    If you are an active user, this will have no effect on you.
    If you are a casual user, perhaps you should release your residence to an active user instead of hoarding the residence.
    If you choose to pay a supporter subscription, this leads Jeremy and Justin to believe you wish to be part of the Empire for a much longer period of time. As a supporter you have invested not only your time but your money as well and therefore will receive the benefits you have subscribed to.

    I choose to be a supporter because I love the experience I have enjoyed since discovering the Empire.
    If it isn't your #1 destination for Minecraft or just to talk with the community, you are not required to stay here... I am not being rude, I just will not sugarcoat the truth either.
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  19. I think 10 days seems a little to leanlent, but I guess some people can't get on every day.
  20. 10 days works fine for me, but then I work nights so I can log on in the wee hours of the morning when it's showing less than half the log on limit. For others that are on free accounts and sleep at night though they may have a problem finding an open slot to get in. Is there any way to set something up on the web page where we could just pop a kinda of keep alive button in case we can't get a slot on the server?
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