Outdated client!!!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Zoebearfun105, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I dont need anymore help, I fixed it, I just had to
    delete my minecraft.jar folder :)
  2. try force update
  3. It says failed to launch :/
  4. what you need to do is go to:


    download 1.2.5 of there

    windows 7/XP

    1) start (7)>search box %appdata% press enter
    (XP)> run in that box put %appdata% press enter
    2) Click .minecraft
    3) goto the folder bin
    4) delete the archive minecraft
    5) copy the recently installed 1.2.5 jar into there
    6) makesure its called minecraft
    7) close everything
    8) launch minecraft as normal
    9) go onto EMC and do /rupees pay nfell2009 100
  5. Nfell thats confusing I just deleted My Minecraft.jar folder
    I fixed it yay :D