Outdated client! need help!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrsmiley99, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. umm, i accidently updated my minecraft, i tried to downgrade, it worked but it says OUTDATED CLIENT!! How can i fix this?
  2. The servers have now been updated to 1.1 Smiley, you can safely let minecraft update to lastest version.
    Simply click on 'Options' just before logging on to minecraft server at launcher screen, then click 'Force update', close the popup window and login and all should be fine. :)
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  3. ohhhh gooooood!
  4. I dont deserve the thanx, they go to Justin for working his butt off to get the server updated for all us minions :)
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  5. In that case... THANKYOUx10000000 Justin!!!!!! i got woried 4 a sec there!

    shaun, if you want you can copy and paste that ^^^ and send it to justinguy saying Mrsmiley99 said that, with a :cool: at the end. :) Maybe like this post, if its suits chu
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  6. Shaun Did you send it?
    BTW Justinguy Watches this post, JUSTIN!!! * No Answer * JUSTIN!!!!!!!!! * No Answer * Fine ill just post it. -_-
    Justin, anyway send me a message if shaun sent you the message and THEN you viewed this, :)
  7. I didn't send the message mrsmiley, I saw Justin had been and liked your post before I had the chance to send a message :)
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  8. hey shaun!! I just realized.... SENIOR MOD!! Congratz , we should catch up , sometime in SMP1.
    kk, kewlys, Goodiegumdrops, chip,chip cheerio! Gracias! ARRRGG, and Oh what a pleasant ending, Hmm quite, ok bye my good chum, good morning my friendly chaps and OHH YEAHHH,

    * Fast talking! >>>>* This Message was spoken and written by MrSmiley99, he does not take any credit for it, Im just joshing, i take all credit because i did it by myself.! Yay daddy i did somethi* stops. Omg i just write sooo much stupid stuff Like All this ^ X 10 and it deleted!!!!!!!! argg

    mrsmiley ended up a EMC police officier, moderating EMC, died at teh age of 2 but lived till 66.
  9. just joshing again!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Im the guy who people wannna smother in my sleep, But ladies just line up to get a glimpse of my ... sweetness-ahh
  11. Oh yeah. u can like thos too, if chu want to, just a time consumer and a trophy getter, nothing personal :p