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  1. Hello :D
    since i started play emc i went to visit shops and malls in different servers. and i noticed a issue that affect all the shops. They always out of stock. i know that is hard to keep chests full and manage a shop is not a easy thing but i have a suggestion. How about you receive a message when your chests is less than a half stack or is literally out of stock. I know some people say ` a chest of whiter skull is impossible, or a chest of beacon and then you will be flooded by messages, but im thinking a way to avoid this is classify common market products, like sugar cane (this is the most out of stock i ever found), wheat, wool, wood, or other stackable and easy to fill market products? idk if this is possible...
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  2. I've never ran a shop, but I can see this being both helpful and annoying
    Helpful for the bigger shops, the mega malls
    But more annoying for the little shops who put their spare items they don't want in there
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  3. this can be message as a list once a day and only if someone try to purchase when is out of stock
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  4. Perhaps a sign with the format of something similar to this?

    [Stock] *Obvious*
    SugarCane *Items*
    16 *Maximum amount of items*
    1 *Minimum amoutn of items*
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  5. This would be very helpful! It's annoying when you have to see you rupee history to find out what item got bought out =P (at least I do that).

    I think this should be in the suggestion box....