Out of Memory error?

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  1. Has anyone been experiencing 'Out of Memory' errors with 1.2.3? It was happening repeatedly to me yesterday. :confused:
    After playing for a period of time, Minecraft pops up an error saying that it has run out of memory. for the Java VM and says to restart. This is unlikely on my machine because I have 8GB Ram installed. I never had this issue prior to 1.2.3.
    I think there is a memory leak int he latest release. :(
    There is some discussion about this on MinecraftForums but no official response from the Minecraft team.
  2. I was also having out of memory errors. do you also use rei's minimap? I thought that could be causing it (it's the only mod i use)

    I doubled the ram that gets allocated to the jvm and that seems to have stopped it happening - I thought twice the height would mean twice the chunk size, so twice the ram. I don't know if it's solved it or just make it happen less often and it hasn't happened again yet.
  3. The only non-vanilla thing I have is my Texturepack. Using Sphax x256 (beautiful texture pack BTW) I will try to increase the memory allocation but there seems to be a definite issue with the new release. Hopefully it gets fixed in a patch.
  4. Does it happen in single player also? Perhaps it could be to do with our currently un-reset mangled wilderness?
  5. I am also using a 256x256 texture pack, used to run out of memory often, until I allocate more memory into minecraft (increased from 1024M to 2048M).
  6. As Zabriel said I had to upgrade the amount of ram given to MC on the 1.2 update because I was also having this issue. I mean the worlds doubled in height, only makes sense they need double the memory ;)
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