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  1. IGuy43 and I have decided to create our own building business. We are able to build a wide variety of structures, and we have recently finished a school project that was very successful at /v Ikapela on smp4. We specialize in roleplaying structures and simple redstone contraptions. We will negotiate a price upon discussion of project, and expect prices to be higher if we are to supply or if you are asking for elaborate decor. Please message either one of us in-game or message AKThirtyFour in the forums. We are mainly located on smp3, but that does not restrict where we build. We hope you take interest in our business, and if so, we can't wait to get started

    /v 15455 - SMP7 for ww2fan168 - Wood Cabin
    /v 8974 - SMP4 for Ikapela - School

    (Unfortunately both of these structures have been destroyed)

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  2. Hmm, on smp7 on my 1st res, can you build a mansion for me? We will negotiate prices later. I need y'all to supply materials tho.
  3. Are you guys doing farms ? I can pay you very well
  4. I am pretty good at making farms depending on the size and whether you want automatic or semi automatic I'm pretty sure we can work something out
  5. The farm is already done I just need to expand it I can show it to you its pretty easy to made.
  6. Hey are you good at building wall designs, as in the side design of buildings?
  7. Yes if you give us some specific materials you want us to use I'm sure we can fit your needs
  8. Wow that bump
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  9. I would like one of you guys to make a 120/120 farm (of wheat) I can supply the seeds and how or u can and make more money I will pay 1-15k
  10. do you have any pictures?
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  11. Yes and will post very soon
  12. wasn't a question for you xD
  13. I do have pics
  14. Still, the question isn't for you! Ali's asking the builders, not you =O