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  1. The player that calls himself [name redacted] has come to an island that a few minecrafters like myself have called our home in the wild.... And destroyed it... then left a sign and i quote "cya in hell"

    ****HE WAS PROVEN NOT GUILTY**** Sorry [name redacted] for someone blaming you

    He needs banishment and for our island.... it will never be the same... im leaveing it today and taking my stuff... sorry everyone that lives there...



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  2. btw You have NOOOOO proof he griefed.
  3. That is why we need to implement a protected land system like the locked signs that protects an area
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  4. that would be pointless
  5. You know, theres just lava everywhere, a sign with his name on hit, NO PROOF AT ALL.....
  6. well im just showing what i came back too... so whatever... and he has only been on the server for 5 days...

    and yes i know lava is everywhere.... but um not floating in the air.... just doesnt spawn like that...
  7. They couldve easily placed the sign.
  8. I have some information regarding this greifing, and im not affraid to name and shame!
    I was watching Live Map at the time:

    [Img Removed by Request]

    [Img Removed By Request]

    al97fred and xTech97 have been caught in the act and have been banned.
    They put up signs framing 'J_T123' ... So please note, it was not him that did it. It was the two in the screenshots.

    Im sorry for your loss on your island, but please take comfort in the fact that the offenders were caught and us genuine members are always on the lookout for others.

    There has been a discussion about the greifing, an Admin may be able to clear the lava for you but the rest is up to you.
    This is just a risk your going to have to take when building in the wilderness.
    It's called the wilderness for a reason.
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  9. I am sure if a moderator attempted to question him he would probably crack if it was really his fault( J_T123)

    Edit: Qwertyip has proved that J_T123 is innocent so far.
  10. Wow thank you so much qwerty! This makes me feel so much better that someone was watching! Ok so i take back what i said about J_T123...

    And i totally understand the risk of the wild... but it was going so well :(

    Once again thank you
  11. Props to Qwertyip for catching the bad guys and clearing the name of an innocent player. We should never jump to conclusions when we see a sign " griefed by " , we'd like to think that griefers are not very smart and would tell you they griefed you , but in reality they rarely do.
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  12. Ya sorry for blaming... just a surprise when i come to the island and boom all this with signs all over
  13. Thanks Qwerty
  14. You welcome AzRicer. I hope the damage can be repaired.

    Aikar and Maxarias are to thank too for doing the banning.
    And Shaunwhite1982 investigated J_T123's innocence.

    Happy Minecrafting =]
  15. hurry and take the pic down we can see the coords!
  16. As you wish lol...
  17. Thank you all for your help :) It was a huge lost but it can all be rebuilt... I left the island and will stay in town for a little bit till i find a new wild home :)
  18. Good luck with your next wild home :) Lets hope that one doesn't get griefed, and props to everyone who worked hard to find out who did this.
  19. Awwww, Az is right when he says some people called this place home. Me, Shade, Inuyasha, him, Doctorcone, and Phunny all called it home. I suspect it was akajac, because he was the one who had griefed our land b4. Unless, we've already caught the person. :(
  20. I have now implemented my policy of a 24 hour ban for using the forum to accuse other players. I know how much it stinks to have something you've worked hard on be destroyed by some loser (or losers) who didn't get enough attention from Mommy. I completely understand that. But your frustration does not give you license to falsely accuse people on the forums. I've been warning people for some time now that I would take this step when names are named in the forums.
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