Our Funeral?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Inuyasha1204, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Well, i had my funeral today, i am quitting EMC for a few reasons that weren't solved! those reasons dont matter anymore cause im done dealing with them. I have a few friends that i will miss:

    and other people i may have not mentioned! Ill miss you guys! <3
    You can visit the funeral grounds at 3166 on Smp2...
  2. So you're quitting EMC because Aikar and the others didn't fix stuff fast enough?
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  3. :( So sorry to see you go... ='(
    Thank you for showing my the gold farm and skele grinder on utopia.
    Those have helped me so much...
    Hope you had a great time here. Always remember this server and come back whenever you feel, make sure to stop by soon!
  4. I am also quitting, i am moving to Chicago, for a chance to become a higher Horse trainer> hoping to travel the world training horses for high profit. Thats my reason why i am leaving. Some people might have their reason why my leaving, but i gave the REAL reason!
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  5. Good luck, you two! Come back and say hello sometimes!
  6. What is the story around this?
  7. Sad that you are leaving. You were quite a memorable character for me within the EMC community. I hope you find what you need in life. Sometimes things can't go your way in life, but the key is to deal with it and move along.
  8. You know that when you die, you respawn... So why dont you just wait it out and respawn when the issues are fixed? Waiting and doing something else doesnt cost anything.
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