Our April Fools Day Prank

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cddm95ace, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. So, last night deathconn, dandandondo, and myself were derping around on alyattayla's 4th res while skype chatting. And then, well, this was what happened XD
    prank best.png prank ground level.png Prank sheep.png
    prank front.png chickens in prank.png We ended up using over 5 stacks of crafting tables and our unattended perms to completely surround our friend's entire residence with crafting tables, and hid chickens and bats inside of the 2 deep part in the entrance. Needless to say, we had quite a good laugh over her reaction. Great way to start off April Fools Day if I do say so myself XD

    ----Disclaimer: This was not griefing, this was to our close friend, and she just thought it was funny, especially since she got 4 wither skele skulls out of it.------------
  2. luckily I came on ASAP to clean it up or more could have happen..........
  3. Actually we were done :p
  4. ive just been renaming items and giveing them to afk people. stuff like a apple named "i scream when you eat me" a door named "villagers find me sexy" and a ender pearl named "i hunger for orphan flesh".
  5. You sir, are brilliant!
  6. feel free to use the idea and spread the confusion.
  7. lol that looks awesome :p
  8. fried chicken