Otus_NigRum vs SkeleTin007 Rap

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  1. Ok, this sing is darker than my others, but not 'that' dark
    It's just if you take the wording wrong it could offend, which is not my intention, it's all in good fun! Other than that, enjoy the song and tell me who you think won

    [Announcer] Ladies and Gentlemen, humans and entities alike, gather around for the battle of the age, the Scoundrel Skeleton and the Mad Musician. A song of 'ice and fire'
    But who will take the thrown?

    [Skeleboi] I came from the nether
    All taken out like white gold
    Do you find it surprising that I have a backbone?
    Time freeze! Nice pose!
    Watch out you'll die slow
    For a psycho
    You're not so bright I'll snuff out this pyro
    Nope, hes not a gifted linguist,
    His fire's been extinguished
    I'll turn him Skelephobic
    Its some anarchy he's in the ring with
    I'm the worst skeleton menace
    A weathered and level-headed menace
    You are the guy with the music fascination
    Time for him to meet eternal damnation

    Caring and giving
    Make my life worth living
    Rainbows in the sky watch the colors turn
    The sun is getting bright it and I can feel it-burn
    Your blood will bubble
    There'll be nothing left but bones and rubble
    Agh! Welcome to hell
    I'll cook you 'till you are well done-or melt
    I came to fire this Skeleton King
    I'll crush him-I'm so mean
    Here's a warning that I'd obey
    That's all I have to say

    Want some ice for that spankin'
    You are only good for flankin'
    But I'll block you with my skelton army
    Some might even say I'm takin'
    Think of all this time you're wastin'
    Makes me so unlikeable
    When I'm in your face
    Slowing down your pace
    Then I'll snipe you with this clavicle
    Headshot that was critical
    Soon I'll become invisible
    So dont come closer
    Hell froze over
    Better bring out your winter coat
    Why the facepaint?
    I wont ask
    Underneath it must be a mess
    End of the verse
    Kill confirmed
    But some cold on those burn

    Feel the love and laughter growing
    Colorful balloons a floating
    Join me friend for events in Games
    Dreams of hope and beauty form
    Lolipops and Unicorns
    Walk with me into my world of-pain
    Im turning up the heat
    Everywhere I go I'll bring the beat
    Don't try to stop me, you'll cry all night
    Why did you bring bones to a fire fight?
    Dont try to snipe me. Bad move
    I'll shield it back at you
    Run away but you are still in danger
    Build a stone wall, it will be safer
    Got myself rocking and rolling head to toe
    Thought I'd ought to let you know
    Somebody hired me to exterminate pesky skeletons
    It's time for SkeleTin to hide away
    'Cause Otus is here to say
    Still got beef? I'd believe it
    You'll wind up just like your army did
    I'll fry you up, put you on rice

    I aint scared to not play nice
    Let's see how long you'll keep me eager

    [Otus] You wont keep me down with a fever
    Think you'll walk away unscathed, Skele is that absurd
    'Cause all you'll take away today is painful afterburns
    I'll give you a headache

    I can haunt your dreams

    Flaunt your every mistake

    How I love your screams

    It's true Im a brutal nuisance
    Cold hearted, cruel and ruthless

    Spreading like a cancer

    Worse than a disease

    Stirring up your anger

    PVP all I see

    Don't you try to run or hide from me
    You know misery loves company
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  2. Awesome! Now all we need is to actually pvp, where and what time rattle bones? :mad:
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  3. Someone should actually rap this and post a video lol
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