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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by finsup2010, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. I want to see if someone wants to make a server or alredy has one and wants to either just hang out or expierement things on the server .
    if someone has a big server and could make me admin i will pay 500r and if someone makes me just a small server then i will also pay 500r
  2. I know a huge server. It's called Empire minecraft, Sadly they don't allow people to ask for other servers.
  3. i know that and i HATE it
  4. Would you want advertisers to sit inside your business and advertise their goods, possibly stealing customers? No. So deal with it.
  5. U hate empireminecraft or that we cant advertize?
  6. that we cant advertise I love emc
  7. i figured :D
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  8. i didn't know sorry
  9. Its OK. i mean, i have servers me and my friends play on and id LOVE for you to play with us, but i'd get banned from EMC for that... again...
  10. do u have twitch
  11. You know that you guys can share server IPs via PM, right? You just cant go onto the game and say "THIS IS ME SERVER!!! 23.2.1234.3.99999!" It can ONLY be done via PM. You cannot post any info here. That is why its allowed to post threads asking if anyone wants to play tekkit, of hunger games, or CTF
  12. Oh, ok. thanks for the info.
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  13. that doesnt seem like that much....
    and making somebody an admin on a private server: not a good idea. trust me. on my private server (dont even.) there was 1 guy, who said "hey im gonna burn down his house so i can build mine bigger!"
    theguywhoburneddownyourhouse was banned from the server.
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