Other player's nether portals have trapped me inside his residence.

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  1. I was trying to place a nether portal around one of the directional frontier outposts, and when I went through it, I wound up inside another player's personal structure. Inside was a nether portal of his own, as well as two signs inside saying that he didn't want other people inside. So I left and looked for another spot to place a nether portal close to that outpost.

    I tried a few other spots and kept running into the same problem. Then I made sure I got a good bit further out, and I was hoping this would fix the problem. I wound up inside his structure again, but when I tried to leave it again, this time, his portal linked me to one inside another structure of his - this time in the overworld!

    So now my character is sort of trapped inside this guy's two structures. If I try to leave his overworld structure, it links back to his netherworld one. If I try to leave his netherworld one, it goes to his overworld one. There is no exit from the overworld one. There's probably not one in the netherworld one either, though that structure seems rather big, and it's obvious this player think it's trespassing to run through there.

    If I try to make an exit, it's griefing. If I try to keep running through the netherworld one, he might tell a mod that I'm "trespassing"; and if there even is an exit, it'll probably take a while to hunt through and find, because of the size of the structure. I can't talk in the wilderness, so I can't alert a moderator apparently. I can't use the vault, so if I die (suicide to spawn), I lose my stuff.

    This guy's structure is camping the South outpost. It's partially that I'm stuck, and it's partially that this is also blocking traffic around that outpost. People might want to get to the nether quickly and easily around that outpost, and I feel like players should be able to set up a "public" portal in that area (with the other player's structure moved over just slightly from the portal).

    Could a mod sort of "unstuck" my character or something, and in general, is there something that can be done about this? Thanks.
  2. Portals need to be 1024 blocks away to not link with each other. This is an issue closer to spawn. Unfortunately nothing can change this. I spent a few hours learning this the hard way. *Oh the cursing*
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  3. If you're trapped, just ignore the no tresspassing sign. After all, you have to do something. If he does happen to call a mod... Oh well, it was your only option.
  4. I'll hunt through and try, but it's a railway, and it may be completely enclosed at this point. I'm partially posting this so that maybe there would be either a rule or an in-game command to resolve this sort of thing in general.
  5. If you have nothing important on you, you could just die and end up at your bed or in town. Look for an enderchest to store anything.
  6. Honestly I think the only opinion that can really do anything for you would be a staff members.
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  7. if you have a pick you can break out of a structure as long as you replace the blocks, if you dont have a pick i would break out anyways, and be sure to come back later and fix it
  8. Alright, thanks. I guess it partially just struck me as being kind of in the way for a few reasons.