Other MC servers. (WARNING! Strong Language Included!)

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Have you ever been on a sucky MC server?

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Yes!!! 16 vote(s) 84.2%
Nope... 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. In my year or so of playing Minecraft, I have tried many servers. For some odd reason, this one is the only good one I have found so far. Most of the others I tried were too boring, but the rest of the bad ones I have tried had one sad factor, almost everyone on those servers are total jerks. They are completely rude and call you names. (Bad ones) The last comment I got when I was playing Minecraft was "GO SUCK IT." What the **** is wrong with these people!? Playing Minecraft is supposed to be fun, not a time where little kids call you mean things! I'm happy I found this one though, because I would have totally regretted paying for this almost completely ****** game! I might as well stay on this one forever and never go on another one again. Sorry for the language but I thought it was necessary.

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  2. yea this is a great server, the other ones i have been on are ones that have corrupt mods who tp to you so that they can pvp u.
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  3. It is OK for the language. Yeah it really;really [excuse my language] SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW PEOPLE DISRESPECT minecraft.

    enjoy this reading [contact me :).]Red
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  4. I warn people all of the time at the other server I'm on but people think that since its a prison server that they have a right to curse.. I tried temp banning one guy last night on that server (Im a mod there) and accidentally perma-banned him.. xD
  5. prison server?
  6. I was on a cursing allowed server apparently, because many people where saying TOO much while moderators did NOTHING!!!
  7. I might also want to know about this prison server. Sound sort of fun.
  8. I am soooo thankful that EMC has rules that, for the greater part of the time, are respected across all their servers. That is the reason I settled here, after hopping from server to server before this. It is also the reason that I decided to become a supporter, and why I have no reservations reporting people for stepping outside the lines. People come here because it's NOT full of a-holes, and I'd like to do my best to keep it that way. :)
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  9. Sadly, I cannot name the server on the forums as it would be considered advertisement, which can lead to being banned here.
  10. The only problem with EMC is that when I get told to get off, I take too long.
    75% of the time it results in a 2-day ban. Anyway.
  11. I only been on one other server and that was murrgetter, we had fun building on it and etc. and we only had 4 members . I can't imagine me on a other server at all now
  12. Yeah, the only other servers I use are hunger games ones, my family friend's and I used to use this one called
    Madapples, but they shut down due to owner's lack of interest.
  13. We are really glad you like it here :)

    Could you please edit your post to *** out the curse words. We are family friendly, and there are rules against the language. Which is why it is so nice. Don't want to see you get a ban for bad language!

    Welcome to the server.
  14. True.
  15. Ok.
  16. i did get on one server where the mods could no ceap up with all of the *WARNING DO NOT SAY THIS-the mod in my brain* it was _____ was banned then ______ was banned but there were too meany rule breakers
  17. I know because I tell people to STOP all the time [of course the DON'T listen half the time:mad:].
    pm me with ? i can answer:D, good old Red.