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  1. So hopefully the title that 99% of people don't know drew you in, and I'm here to explain!

    It's a mission to an asteroid. Big deal right? Well, the probe, OSIRIS REx, is going to collect a sample of the asteroid, Bennu, and bring it back to earth by 2023! This mission is planned to launch today!

    Here's an article by the one and only Phil Plait on his Bad Astronomy blog (10/10 would read)


    And here's the launch coverage....the launch window opens at 7:05 pm EST (hey, EMC time) and lasts for 34 days, with one hour each day for launching times.


    im done thanx for reading kthxbai

    edit- mistakenly said 7:30 instead of 7:05
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  2. i don't care unless i can have a piece =D
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  3. Launch is a go! T minus 5:30
  4. This seems really interesting somehow