Oscar & Demi the wolves

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  1. Hey there :D Ocelots have proven to be too much trouble for me, after I had 2, bred them, and they sat on a chest, and I didn't notice what I had in my hand, and I right clicked them and eggified them. Then I had to spawn them again and ran out of fish. One was re-eggified and one ran away from me, and the one who was re-eggified was sold.

    So I went back to the legendary wolves! (Dogs will always stay at the top of my heart :p) And I bought another one (Oscar) and found an old egg (Demi), and spawned them :) Here's a picture of them both:

    I will also take pictures of you inbetween them if you want, for a price of 10r per pic. I'll then send you a private message with the pictures :D