(Orion's Store) Selling Cheap Sugar Cane! (SMP4 - 8535)

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  1. Hello.

    Orion's store are now currently selling very cheap sugar cane.
    Only 1 stack for 10 rupees! Get it while it lasts.
    Daily restocks, you may follow this thread for updates!


    In Stock:
    Sugar cane - 10r a stack
    Pumpkin Seeds - 5r a stack

    Orion's store is located in SMP4 at plot 8535!
    Like the post for more stuff to be super cheap :)
  2. Feel free to give me feedbacks! :)
  3. You my sir, are an idiot.
  4. your not using my farm?
  5. Gahhhh why are all his comments gone?!:mad: Im curious as to what he has been saying!
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