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  1. Hello.

    I'm Orion6666 i had a shop in SMP4 back in December 2011 to somewhere around March/april 2012.
    It was a well-known medium sized store. It was selling everything that was demanded so i quite earnt decent from it. Now as i'm back i want to build up a decent store again, but since inactivity i lost my plot and most of my resources, although i still got some rupees.

    I would appreciate all help i could get to build this shop up.

    Information about the NEW upcoming store:

    It will be located on SMP4 on the plot number 8535.
    The store will mostly only sell the most demanded items in the whole server or the empire!
    Any suggestion will be gladly recieved.

    I hope this project can see the light and sell materials to happy customers! :)

    If you want to donate or help me with the project please send me a message or leave a message below!

    Thank you guys :)
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  2. Great to hear you are back with us :) I spend a significant amount of my time on smp4; so I may see you on. (depends on the times)
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  3. Thanks :) I hope you can take youre time to visit my shop when its done! :)
  4. Can't wait to see what your store will be like!