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  1. That is right you just read that.....
    I am offering 5 diamond blocks and a 500r because its Christmas, to whom ever can come up with the best solution's for sorting my items and blocks, into my chests:

    Rules: Must include every item and block
    ( the exceptions are to have a chest with all wool for instance for all wool, or a all sapling chest, or a tracks chest to save space)
    I have 3 rows each row has 24 chests ( 12 double chests either side )
    I currently have 72 Total chest If needed i can add two more rows. i can add 2 more rows each with 24 chests
    each item you have to say where to place it in row, which side, and the chest number, from where i am standing in the picture, 1 2 3 4 5 6 than if it is top or bottom:
    Middle row, right side :Top 1dirt 2stone 3gravel

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