ores are priced wrong think xp and there use DHUU.

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  1. so ever think whats a good price for my produce.
    well ASK the general people around your res or ASK EVERYONE.
    som people are very unsure on how to make money on the smp's well ITS NOT FARMING and its not DIRT. at the moment its stone bricks and ores thats wright ores because they give u xp.
    ores on a list///.
    .5.coal thats wright coal before gold
    im referring to noobs in shops
  2. right* and i dont get what you getting at
  3. What is your point?
  4. That the prices are too high for the ores
  5. people price iron and gold too high its worth more smelted is it not
  6. The shop owners have the right to prices their items at any price they want to. If you have a problem with their prices you can go mine for the materials.
  7. 1. diamond
    2. emerald
    3. gold

    1. emerald
  8. kk then explain the off price range between the ores worth less and toe ones worth more its totally insane and im reffering to the noobs on the sever not well known members like yourselves i personally farm ores and sell at very reasonable prices
  9. Ingots are cheaper then ores because it takes a silk touch pick to mine all the ores besides gold and iron.
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  10. dont forget the xp dropping out of the ore
  11. im saying it docent take silk touch to get iron ore and gold ore there the ingots
  12. i think what he is saying is people price ores higher
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  13. yes iron and gold ores should be priced less than iron and gold ingots
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  14. What at like 5r?! ignots are now 7-10r each so their really cheap and unless mojang makes something new that drops ignots other than golems or another easy way of getting ignots then the price of them will stay the same.
  15. yes my point is ingots are good iron ore price should be the same not 20 r
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  16. im going offline now please continue
  17. ingots should be the same price as ores, cause the coal could be calculated as the same as the damage to the silktouch pickaxe, just in my opinion then