Orebuster's Effects on Nether Quartz Ore (Test 2)

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  1. I again mined 18 stacks of Nether Quartz Ore:

    I proceeded to use the Orebuster Pick and mined 14 stacks of blocks worth of Nether Quartz:

    56 Stacks of Flakes*64/stack=3584 Flakes

    3585 Flakes/1152(amount of flakes you would get with a normal pick)=3.1111111 Repeating
    Profit Increase = 211.11111111% or 36480R at Faithcaster's Price

    Total results: 7499 Flakes/ 2304 Flakes(using a normal pick)= 3.254774... or an increase of 225.4774% or 77925r at Faithcaster's Prices.

    Average Price of Orebuster=12.5k
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  2. Mind= Blown
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  3. Wowzer.
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  4. Cool :D
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  5. 12x5/pony+bananna=Aikar?
    What? :confused:
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  6. you know what you should do?

    Sell them!!!
  7. I should really repair armor and pick and head out to my mine base....