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  1. I asked my brother where I should post this, he said here. If it's in the wrong place, I'll get him to move it.

    I find it difficult to find an acceptable price for ores. I see Diamond ore selling at around 200-300, but I think it's worth way less. I have a silk-touch and wish to know what is worth it to mine. So if a couple people could post and give me a general idea, I'd be very grateful. I'm only curious about:
    Coal Ore:
    Redstone Ore:
    Lapis Ore:
    Diamond Ore:
    Emerald Ore:

    So if a couple of you could help out, I'd be very grateful.
  2. in my opinion:
    diamond ore: 150r
    Coal ore: 40r
    Redstone ore: 90r
    lapis ore: 90r
    emerald ore: 300r
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  3. What 1998golfer said, btw i buy bulk ore
  4. Coal Ore: 20 R
    Redstone Ore: 35 R
    Lapis Ore: 35 R
    Diamond Ore: 135 R
    Emerald Ore: 150 R
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  5. Thanks guys, I'm gonna take away a bit from golfer's and add a little to Faith's. More input effects the price! If reasonable.
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  6. You Know How ?
    If Not Read This:
    My Price + golfers. /2
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  7. Seems like a good method. I might take a little more off though, because obtaining minerals isn't a problem. We have a beautiful mine set up tens of thousands of blocks away from anyone. I just need to find a price that doesn't screw me over, but makes people want mine over the others, you know what I mean?
  8. Yep
    Fair Price, Good Stock, Happy People.
    All What A Shop Needs :)