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  1. OSU!! My name is MrBuddha19 i love Japanese culture so i impliment it into my minecraft life.
    I love making automatic farms. and animal farms. i also make my style asain houses.
    i like helping people out if they need it.
    i love anime and manga.
    i am a geek but i don't care i am who i am
  2. Welcome! I love Korean culture myself, but being neighboring countries, there's a lot of shared or similar culture, and I totally get where you're coming from. :)

    That's the spirit! After growing up, I've always just been myself entirely, and if somebody doesn't like me for that, it's their problem, and they're not worth associating with!
  3. Good on you, I love you already ;) Welcome!
  4. Japanese culture isn't that bad. I dated a half-Japanese/half-Brazilian girl once.
  5. Welcome to the Empire!
  6. Sankyu :D