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  1. Hi all! :) I am reopening my ordering service. PM what you want, the quantity, and suggested price. Depending on the item, bulk orders will be done minimally. Thank you! :)

    EDIT: I can get about anything. (plz don't be ridiculous)
    EDIT: Most items will only be sold in DC's or less (I can't get very much, for I can't get on much, but I still can get just about anything)
  2. Item: Glowstone
    Quantity: As much as you can, but don't get any more than 17 stacks.
    Price: I will pay 14-15r per piece.

    Item: Netherbrick
    Quantity: As much as you can, but don't get any more than 2 DCs + 1 SC.
    Price: I will pay 1.5r per piece.
  3. Item: Rails
    Quantity: I need 2 DC's, can settle for less
    Price: 1 stack=about 72r, so 4000r per DC (The sticks increase the cost by about 100r)
  4. Item: DC of Sandstone and a DC of Birch logs
    Price: Sandstone 1,500r Birch Logs 3,000r
    Overall Price: 4,500r
    and can you get Halloween candy for tomorrow as its the last day tomorrow to get it from mobs
  5. 10 DCs of glass- 30k
    Can you have it by Friday?
  6. I have 3 or 4 large orders currently, so I will have to postpone your orders
  7. 10 Double Chests of Sugar Cane. I will settle for 500r a DC (Negotiable). Total being 5k or so
  8. Ok then, thanks.:) I'll cancel it actually
  9. Item: Coco benas
    Quantity: 1 DC
    Price: ill pay as much as 500r

    Item: Wheat
    Quantity: 2 DCs
    Price: ill pay 1250r
  10. I think I will be able to squeeze your order in

    IK for sure I will be able to get you a DC of wheat (not sure about my current stocks)
  11. I will get you a DC because of my recent edit
  12. Okay :) If you can get more DC just let me know :)
  13. k np
  14. 1 DC Sugar cane is ready

    1 DC of wheat is ready
  15. okay thanks, please let me know when whole order is ready and i will pick up
  16. I won't be able to get another dc of wheat anytime soon, but still working on cocoa
  17. okay thanks
  18. How much would 1 dc of snow blocks cost?
  19. start a PM with me and we'll talk