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  1. Hello everyone. If you need me to get you almost any material i can get it for you. Just PM me a and i will calculate the price and get it for you. Please don't leave ridiculous orders. Payment comes before I go for order. If I can't get you a full order there will be a refund based on the unit price of the item multiplied by how many left required for the order to be completed.

    PM format

    Item needed:
    Suggested price:
    Suggested price per unit:
    Time zone:
    When you need it by:
    Property address:
    p.s. please bump
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  2. prices? types of material?
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  3. p.s. i may not be able to get you diamonds, emeralds, wither skulls, nether stars, heads, shiny objects, or enchanted tools in bulk.
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  4. i can get you just about anything
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  5. prices would still be good to know
  6. i have to calculate prices based on where i get my resources from and quantity
    p.m. me if you want to make an order
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  7. i have lots of sources so dont be afraid to ask
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  8. *cough* Command blocks, enderpearlies crystal, sponge, bedrock, a lot of player heads, every spawner, monster spawn eggs. *cough*
  9. i would like 10 dragon eggs then :p
  10. i said just about anything (that is ubtainable) not sure if i could get sponges or not though
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  11. lets be practical everyone
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  12. i agree
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  13. A single chest of fort 3 books please
  14. im afraid that is one thing that would take too long to get
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  15. IGN: slash14459
    Item needed: Sandstone
    Quantity: 5 stacks
    Suggested price: 500r
    Suggested price per unit: Not quite sure
    Time zone: Pacific
    When you need it by: Anytime
    Property address: 7075 (Smp3)
  16. please put this in a pm
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  17. sorry but he said keep it to pms
  18. How much for a DC of netherbrick?
  19. setup a pm with me and i will help you determine price
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