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  1. Welcome to this service hosted by Faith Inc.

    We get any enchantment for any customer!

    If you wish to place an order, send me a private message where you tell me exactly what you need. I will reply to you within 24-hours, and you will be given a price and delivery time on the item(s)

    Cancelling an order after we agreed on a payment and i've started to collect your order, will result in a 2 week ban from the service. If you keep cancelling you will be excluded from the service.
  2. Full set of protection IV unb III armor?
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  3. 5 prot 4 books, and 4 thorns 3 books and 4 unb 3 books. How much?
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  4. 19,680 rupees.
  5. 33,000 rupees.
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  6. Good times, goood times :)
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  7. ouch thats a lot. I'll pass
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  8. I'll pass but good luck.
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  9. How much per Unbreaking 3 Book?
  10. 1800 rupees.
  11. I'm interested in some enchanted books until I know how you base your book prices, then I will order.
  12. Let me know what books you are looking for, and i'll tell you the price.
  13. 4 Loot 2 Books, 4 Protect 3/4 Books.
  14. Prot 3 - 1100r each book
    Prot 4 - 2200r each book
    Loot 2 books - 2000r each book
  15. I will take 5 protect 3 books, when should I expect them to be ready, because when I pay depends on when they will be ready.
  16. Sorry for the loong waiting time..
    They're ready, but i can first access a PC by tomorrow, so i will email you the books.

    Please make a payment of 5500rupees.
  17. So that's 1100 per book? Sorry, I probably won't make an easy profit out of that in the long run. Could you maybe lower it to 1k per?
  18. The prices aren't changeabe.
    I wrote a price list to you, even before you placed the order.
    It is possible to cancel your order but that will result a 14day ban from using this service.
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  19. Sorry, I'll pay tomorrow, or as soon as I can get on. I've had other stuff going on lately, I apologize for my rudeness.
  20. Your order is ready, please pick them up at /v 1110 @ SMP1
    Locate the TP -Order & Auction Pick-Up-
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