Order Of The End

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  1. I need members! If u r interested, please leave a post and meat me at 12085 of smp6 (while I am available.) This will include an initiation ceromony, with end exploration and ender pearl accuracy. You will learn of the unique religion of the end. Please join! It would be an exotic experience.
  2. whats the "religion" of the end.im pretty sure its to take alot of endstone.
  3. It's very complicated. Long ago, the end dragon said: "It's such a shame I have to spend all of my time in solitary."
    He then created the endermen, his angels. They wrote about the creepers, their enemies, hence the hieroglyphics. Eventually, one of the endermen said; I'm bored, for behold, I do not know what it is to feel sorrow or flesh against my arms. He cut one of his fellow e-men in half, creating man.
  4. LOL :p I'm reading this while doing sects homework at religions class xD
    I'm totally putting this as an example (if you don't mind)
  5. This man was imperfect, and did not know what significance the end dragon was. Infact, it quite frankly just bothered him. He killed the dragon, the e-men turned hostile. The egg that was left behind is now worshiped by the e-men, and a group of people who discovered how to translate the hieroglyphics. They then seized the egg and began to worship it.
  6. These men were dipped in the sacred blood of the e-man, only able to do by (ritual withheld). This gave them extraordinary abilities.
  7. It would be epic if your order gets a draggon egg at your HQ :p
  8. and i don't mind.
  9. It's part of the order of the end initiation, for the 1st 5 peeps.
  10. oh ya, and redstone is the remnant of an e-man death.
  11. Well, the end of the new servers have no dragon eggs (Justin Removes them since smp5 i believe) and the eggs got sold for over 80k in the last auction...
  12. :(that is sad.
  13. what should i do for my center piece of the HQ?
  14. Oh, and if u could visit my temp HQ at 12085 in smp6, that would be nice.
  15. I believe you could do a huge sculpture out of obsidian to represent a dragon egg :)
  16. ummm, no
    my hq is NOT big enough for that
  17. t'was a good idea, though