{Order of the Dragon}: A Call to Arms!

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    After a months-long hiatus, I'm back, and I've got big plans!

    With the devs currently dev-ing the Dragon Tombs, I want to use this post as a casting call, a rallying cry for any who want to take this enormous leap with me! Lemme explain a thing:

    I would like to make friends -who wouldn't, right?-, so I want to form a sort of union with the ultimate goal of taking on some of these Dragon Tombs. These things certainly are impossible to conquer as one, so I want to get some of you EMC players to join me in a quest to prepare for the Tombs and meet the challenge!

    I just want a couple people who are interested in making friends and slaying dragons to join me! I'm lonely here, people! So I would be very appreciative if you can comment that you'd like to join. I'll be starting a discussion with anyone who joins so we can make some plans for the future. You can get more info by signing up.

    For sure, we will be focused on teaming up to kill the boss mobs to get Dragon Stone Fragments, and building our headquarters at a yet-undecided location. The Order is completely open, meaning you don't have to take it seriously if you decide to join up, it's much more like a group to meet new people and slay dragons.

    Join the fight today! You can PM me with suggestions, requests, and so forth!

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    -We are the brave! We are the slayers of Dragons! We are the Order!-

    -the Order Creed-
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