Order of enchanment

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  1. Does the order of the enchanment really matter? The reason I'm asking is because when I combine two enchanments in books if I put them in one order it cost 13 levels if I change the same two enchanments and put the other one first the enchanment combination cost less about 8 or 9. Does the order matter at all or do you get the exact same enchanment when you put the books to an item?
  2. It matters... sort of. When combining two identical items, always swap them and see which one costs less.

    However, if you're combining two items with different enchantments, it gets a bit more complicated. If there are two incompatible enchants on an item, for example Silk Touch on one pickaxe and Fortune on another or Sharpness on one sword and Smite on another, whichever item comes first will have its enchantment stay.

    If you combine Sharpness and Smite, and put Smite in the anvil first, the new sword will have Smite instead of Sharpness.
  3. The way I do it is all by books. So let's say I'm making a chest plate with unbreaking 3, protection 4, and thorns 3. They are all books. When I put the unbreaking 3 first and than protection 4 it cost 13 levels. But if I put protection 4 and than unbreaking 3 it cost me 8 levels. What I'm asking is when I finally have the final book with unbreaking 3 protection 4 and thorns 3 does it matter the order. Weather it's protection 4, thorns 3, unbreaking 3 or thorns 3, protection 4, unbreaking 3 or unbreaking 3, thorns 3, protection 4. Does the order matter or just as long as it's in there it does the same.