Option to ignore on the Forums?

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  1. So I searched this and have tried looking through the control panel on the account thing but is there any way to ignore someone on the forums so that they cannot post on your account? I'm tired of dealing with this kid who was banned and I want nothing to do with him yet he and his "brother's girlfriend" are posting on my profile. I've already had to block contact from them on everything else but I can't seem to figure out how on here.
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  2. I actually hope that said people get banned from the forums altogether. They are right pains.
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  3. I have a slightly different issue, and would love a way to ignore the person.
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  4. Report them for harassment to the staff.
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  5. Yes they are a pain. I've not been around the girlfriend just Tells and on here. One of their friends even started /tell and I ignored them. I've had to ignore them on youtube and their fake skype accounts.
  6. Oh geez thats awful!! Definatly file a harassment report.
    Also, I completly support the idea of an ignore option on the forums!
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  7. Dang really, Is that same person who you told me about couple weeks ago.
  8. Possibly. I can't remember xD
  9. However, unfortunately Justin/Jeremy only partially control the forums. I don't believe they can add additional stuff like ignoring.
  10. The forum software is rather flexible. I've seen some interesting stuff done with it.
  11. I reported them through the posts on my page. I think I've messaged about ignoring them before but I don't remember getting a reply. Would be nice to be able to ignore someone.
  12. Hey hey! We can sort it out :(

    No need to ignore me on the forums!
  13. But do our leaders have access to the software, to change it around?
    Ahah, not you silly!
  14. I'm unaware. I've never used it personally, but I've seen some spiffy stuff done with it.
  15. Well, I hope it's been taken care of. ICC sent them a PM and I explained as nice as I could I didn't want SQUAT to do with them.
  16. haha alright this sounds the same thing what you told me, hope this gets resolved