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  1. Well, Optifine was recently recently updated to 1.6
    And good news, using the Multi-CPU support, I am now getting a stable 50+ FPS :)

    And the bad news?

    Erm, help anyone? :oops:
  2. Lol, what blocks are affected by the pink checkered diesease?
  3. Pretty much all of them.
  4. Hmm, I don't use Optifine myself but you should definately see if any other users have the problem. If its only you then just delete all your Optifine files and reinstall the mod.
  6. See it as a feature, not a bug. :p
  7. It also may be the fact your playing in 1.5.2 and the Optifine is for 1.6
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  8. It looks like something out of an Alice in Wonderland horror flick
  9. It's for 1.6.2, and that's what I put it on.
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  10. So that wasn't a screenshot of EMC?
  11. No haha, I dread to think what EMC would look like that lol
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  12. Max should love it. It's purple/magenta like her font.
  13. And fixed :)
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  14. How is this a problem?
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  15. So you needed to run a resource pack instead of default or was it an update to fix the issue?
  16. Bug fix update.
    Even the default texture pack was affected.
  17. It looks like what I saw when I went onto the Gmod Tower server for the first time.